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AkiNaO UPVD is a French company specialized in chemical and microbial characterization of natural products from different origin (microoganism, plants, marine). AkiNaO develops analytical methods to identify and quantify natural compounds in biocontrol products.

Founded in 2010 in Perpignan (France) by three researchers, it is today an eight staff members’ society, including specialists in phytochemistry, marine chemistry, microbiology and process quality.

AkiNaO offers its expertise to imple- ment analysis for any industrial development projects concerning biopesticides, cosmetics, veterinary pharmacy or food fields.

AkiNaO works on microorganisms or active substances from marine organisms or plants to develop natural products for biocontrol.

For this, AkiNaO is well equipped through an important technical platform including chromatographic equipment (HPLC-UV, HPLC-DEDL, HPLC-MS, UHPLC-UV, GC-FID, GC-MS, RMN ...).

Furthermore, in order to meet industrial needs in the context of new natural substances registration, AkiNaO is implementing a quality approach to obtain a GLP certification.

AkiNaO also develops its own natural products for biocontrol, that’s why we are working on microorganisms or active substances from marine organisms or plants. In this context, AkiNaO’s researchers are involved in the CO-FREE project to develop an antifungal plant extract.

Annabel Simon-Levert