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The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL; www.fibl.org) has approximately 140 staff members and is one of the world’s leading organic farming research and technology transfer centres dedicated to sustainable agriculture. FiBL focuses on applied soil and crop science, socio-economic and veterinary research and the dissemination of scientific findings to farmers, policy makers and other stakeholders in the food supply chain.

kleines Bild Institut
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL),
Frick, Switzerland.

The Crop Protection and Biodiversity Department led by Lucius Tamm has extensive applied and strategic R&D and technology transfer experience in crop protection in vegetable, apple, grapevine and other crops. Research has focused on integration of novel crop protection stra- tegies (including varietal resistance, agronomic strategies, decision support systems, and biopesticides) in low input and organic production systems. Research has also focused on development of strategies for functional biodiversity in arable crops, cabbage and apple production systems and the implementation and assessment of nature conservation schemes. L. Tamm has recently contributed to the development of the regulatory framework for botanicals and biocontrol agents (REBECA, OrganicInputs) and is currently involved in CO-FREE as deputy coordinator. Hansjakob Schärer, Barbara Thürig, as well as Claudia Daniel and Lukas Pfiffner are involved in development of copper alternatives and field experiments in apple and grapevine production.

FiBL – One of the world’s leading organic farming research and technology transfer centres dedicated to sustainable agriculture

FiBL hosted the project partners in November 2012 for a project meeting in Frick. It was a fruitful meeting at which the whole consortium presented and discussed the first results in a pleasant atmosphere. L. Tamm provided a tour of the institute including lab and field trial facilities.

Gruppenbild FiBL
The CO-FREE group at the project meeting November 2012 in Frick, Switzerland

 It was a very satisfying project meeting as you can see on the group picture taken outside the FiBL institute in Frick.

Lucius Tamm